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General Terms and Conditions


These General Terms and Conditions set out the rules of use for « Businesses » (defined below) of the « cannes i get » website, published by the Metropolitan and Territorial Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nice Côte d’Azur. Registration to this site implies the express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
These Terms and Conditions of use are, by nature, subject to modification and may be updated at any moment. Businesses are advised to visit the site regularly to check the latest version of the Terms and Conditions.


« Site » or « Website » refers to the « Cannes I Get » website.

Le terme « Administrateur du Site » : désigne la CCINCA.

« Business(es)» refers to any business established in Cannes exercising an activity of retail, service, catering, accommodation which wished to be included in the site’s online directory and which, in addition, is entitled to post information about its offers (latest information, promotional offers, stock clearances etc.)

« User(s) » refers to any Internet user wishing to access the online directory and/or access information about promotional offers posted on the site by Businesses. A User may be a resident of Cannes, a recreational sailor, a cruise passenger, a congress visitor etc.

« Username» covers the information needed to identify Businesses on the site so that they can be listed in the directory and so that their contact details (email address) can be communicated, as appropriate.

« Password» is confidential information, which, when used with the ID, enables Businesses to prove their identity.

« Profile » refers to the criteria established by the Businesses to identify users, which enables them to post promotional offers and information only to those users who are likely to be interested. These criteria relate to centres of interest (night life, restaurants, shopping…) that Users of the site have provided about themselves.

Presentation of the Site

The website is a completely free service from the CCINCA and has the following goals:
- to enable Businesses from the City of Cannes to register on an online directory in order to present their business, to promote their products or services and to increase their visibility. All information submitted by Businesses on the Site, as well as any modifications and updates, are managed entirely by the Businesses themselves. If wished, Businesses can also post information about their special offers (news, promotional offers, liquidation, arrival of a new collection or new card for a restaurant etc.). These offers are only visible to users who meet the profile previously identified by the Businesses.
- to inform users about shopping offers in Cannes (via the online directory of professionals) and to keep them informed about specific offers posted on the Site, (promotional offers, liquidation, arrival of a new collection or new card for a restaurant etc.) on condition that the user is registered and matches the profile previously determined by the Business.

Use and registration

• Conditions:
Registration to the Cannes I Get website is free.
To take advantage of the services offered by the site, Businesses must create an account by filling in the online form.
The Business remains free to modify or update the personal data contained in his / her client information file at any moment if deemed necessary.
Once the form is validated, the Business may receive, upon request, a message confirming registration, indicating his/her username and password. These are strictly personal and the Business is responsible for keeping them confidential. The Business may change them at any moment.
The account is accessed by entering the username and associated password.

• Features :
Information contained in the Site directory may be freely accessed by any Internet user.

A business may also post information about its special offers (latest news, promotional offers, new collections, clearance sales, etc.). To do this, the Business must fill in the “Special Offer” information form.

Two types of offer may be submitted to the administrator via the site, by telephone or by email: “Deal of the month” and “Deal of the week”. Dates the offers are to be posted should be included.

The “Deal of the month” must be either a reduction of at least 50% off a specified product or service, or the free offer of a supplementary product or service. The offer must correspond to the theme of the month chosen ( for example: New Year, St Valentine, Spring, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Holiday, Back to School, extended weekend and Christmas).

The “Deal of the week”: is limited to a total of five offers per week which are posted for a period of one week (from Monday 00:01 to Sunday 23:59) These offers must consist either of a reduction of at least 30% off a specified product or service or the free offer of a supplementary product or service.
The site enables businesses to propose one “Deal of the Month” and up to three “Deal of the week” for selection during the year. Offers must be submitted at least one week before the date of publication requested and selection is made on a first come first served basis.

Any retailer that has proposed more than three “Deal of the week” in a year will not be priority for selection the following year in order to allow the greatest number of businesses to offer a “Deal of the week” on the site.

After validation, the offer may be modified or withdrawn up to one week before the date of publication.

After validation by the website administrator, the deal will be visible by any user whose profile matches that set by the business and for the period requested. The three profile categories are: “Port Clients”, “06 Residents” and “Visitors to Cannes”.

In addition to the weekly and monthly offers, any retailer may post a reduction of 15% off products and services directly onto the site. This offer will only be visible by users with the “Visitors to Cannes” profile.

• Validity of Registration :
Registration is valid until cancellation of the User’s account either by the User or following a decision by the CCINCA (see « cancellation » hereafter).

• Rights and obligations of Businesses
By registering to the Site, the Business is listed in the directory according to the information he / she has provided, enabling a greater visibility. The Business may also post information about special offers that he / she wishes to promote on the Site and which are destined exclusively for Users who match a previously determined profile.
LThe Business undertakes to provide the Site with accurate information which conforms to reality.
The Business undertakes to respect and to apply any offer that he/she has posted on the Site.

• Rights and obligations of the CCINCA
The CCINCA, administrator of the Cannes I get website, has made the site available to Users to enable them to receive information about offers and news from Businesses.

- Rights
The CCINCA, as administrator of the site, may post any information or document on the />In contrast, the CCINCA is free to decide not to reproduce, disseminate, and may withdraw any information that fails to comply with the provisions set out in these Terms and Conditions.
As such, it is understood that the use of the site formally prohibits posting any content or comments that are false, misleading, discriminatory, defamatory, libelous, obscene, political, or that incite violence, as well as any content that in general contravenes laws and regulations in force, individual’s rights, or morals. It also prohibits any content that represents unfair competition or has the purpose or effect of impersonating another person.

- Obligations
The CCINCA undertakes to put in place the human, technical and financial resources necessary to :
- manage the Website and ensure its security,
- drive the Website,
- be reactive to its evolution.

- Continuity of service
The CCINCA undertakes to ensure continuity of service.
It cannot however be held responsible for any interruption to the service due to force majeure, as a result of a social movement, or failure on the part of technical operators responsible for telecommunications or power supply, as well as for any other external cause.
The CCINCA may need to suspend the service, or part of the service temporarily for maintenance without giving any right to compensation.


It is forbidden for Businesses or any other user to breach or attempt to breach the security of the Website, to connect to the server or to another user’s account without authorization, to test the vulnerability of the system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without authorization. Breaches of system or network security are amenable to public or criminal liability.
It is also forbidden to use any programs or devices intended to interfere with the data or information contained on the website.
Businesses guarantee the liability of the CCINCA against any loss or damage resulting from non-compliance with security measures mentioned in this paragraph.
The CCINCA will monitor any such violations and may appeal to public authorities to prosecute potential offenders.
The CCINCA reserves the right to modify or suspend part or the entire website, temporarily or permanently, without prior notice for failure on the part of Businesses to comply with these terms and conditions.


The information and content that the Business provides to the website about its activity must be accurate and conform to reality. Illustrative photographs and shots shall be supplied by the Business which accordingly undertakes to obtain all necessary rights of reproduction, representation, and dissemination such that the CCINCA can in no way be held responsible or pursued.
The Business declares that he/she is aware of the risks inherent in the diffusion of these photos on an open, international network, particularly in regard to their potential unauthorised reproduction by third parties.
The information, descriptions, comments and offers posted on the site are managed entirely by the Business. He/she guarantees their accuracy, reliability, and translation (The Business is free to post offers in other languages). The Business is solely responsible for offers and conditions of eligibility. The Business is solely responsible for the offers posted and for conditions of eligibility.
The Business is also solely responsible for the consequences of information that he / she has posted.
In contrast, the CCINCA shall in no case be held responsible for inaccurate or out of date content on the site.
Similarly, it cannot be held responsible for any dispute that may arise as a result of offers posted or withdrawn by Businesses, the latter being solely accountable to their customers. Therefore, the CCINCA can in no way be held liable for the withdrawal of an offer.


The Business can, at any moment, cancel his/her registration on the site by written request to the CCINCA to : or to the postal address below CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE ET D’INDUSTRIE, CCI - PROMENADE DE LA PANTIERO - CS 60009 - 06414 CANNES CEDEX.
Cancellation of the registration will take effect within a maximum of 3 working days starting from reception of the request.
The Business will receive confirmation of the termination by email or post.
In case of non-respect of these Terms and Conditions by the Business, and/or breach of the laws or regulations in force, the CCINCA reserves the right to terminate the contract without prior notice.
The Business will in this case be informed of the closure of his/her account by email, indicating wherever possible the reason for its termination.
In all cases of termination, the account will be disabled. The CCINCA owns and retains the identification data in accordance and in compliance with the regulations in force. The CCINCA is required by law to submit these data to public authorities or judicial authorities at their request. However, ultimately the information and content stored on the Site may be destroyed.

Intellectual Property

All names, trademarks, logos and icons of the Site and the Site itself are the sole property of CCINCA, with the exception of photos, information and textual content posted by the Business.
In case of non-respect of intellectual property rights, the CCINCA is entitled to use any legal means to ensure protection.

Personal data

In accordance with the Data Privacy law n ° 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the data base and website have been declared to the French Data Protection Correspondent of the CCINCA. All personal data about the Business are collected by CCINCA to manage registration. Upon registration to the Site, the Business agrees that his/her personal data are transmitted to partners of the CCINCA, in particular the French Riviera Cruise Club and Reed Midem.
In the event that the Business opposes the transmission of his/her data, it must contact the CCINCA at the contact details hereabove.
The data collected and processed by the CCINCA are those provided by the Business him/herself, via the registration forms on the Site.
The CCINCA uses cookies and other technologies to personalize the online service in order to improve website surfing, optimize advertising and store the username and password. The storage of these data is limited to the duration of each session. It is possible to set the browser so that it refuses cookies.
The Business is hereby informed that the Site (Server) stores the following data, in accordance with applicable legislation: time, duration and connection IP address for each visit to the Site.
These data may be disclosed at the request of the judicial authority.
In accordance with regulations on data storage, the Business has the right to access, rectify and suppress his/her personal data, except IP addresses, by connecting to his/her account.
To exercise these rights, the Business must contact the CCINCA at the address mentioned above.


These conditions are subject to French law. Any dispute regarding the interpretation and performance hereof shall be brought before the court of Nice.
These terms and conditions of use have been translated into English for the convenience of English-speaking users. In case of dispute, the French version shall prevail.