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The French Riviera CCI is determined to make its Internet sites accessible to the widest number of users possible, particularly to users with disabilities.

The Law for Equal Rights and Opportunities, Participation and Citizenship of People with Disabilities (Article 47, Law n° 2005-102 of 11 February 2005) states that “the public online communication services of public establishments must be accessible to people with disabilities”.

What is web accessibility?

A website is considered “accessible” when all people have equal access to its contents, regardless of:

• The browser used (e.g. Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opéra and soon)
• The interface (keyboard or mouse)
• The access platform (i.e. the operating system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc)
• The display device (17” flat screen, laptop, smart phone)
• Technical aids used (screen magnifier, Braille device, speech output system).

Technical aids enable users with impaired sensory, motor intellectual or cognitive ability to access information contained on sites that meet accessibility standards. These devices are installed on the user’s workstation.
For example, a user with a visual disability may use screen magnifying software to increase the size of the page. A blind user may use a Braille display or a speech output system.

Cannes I Get web site and accessibility

The following features have been applied:
• To facilitate access by visually impaired users, an alternative text has been included wherever possible on pages containing graphics.
• Pages have been designed to avoid the need for horizontal scrolling.
• A site plan (link) is provided showing the organisation of the site with links to all the main pages.
• Cascading style sheets are used to give the end user greater control over the styles of the web page
• Information is highlighted using increased contrast.
• Underlining is used only for hyperlinks.

With this website, we seek to offer the best level of accessibility for each of our online visitors, regardless of the sort of device used to connect, and the aptitudes or disabilities of the users. We aim to enhance site accessibility through the continued evolution of the content and the development of best practices designed to facilitate access to the greatest number of users. We strive therefore to conform to the criteria of the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (silver level).

How you can improve accessibility

You can increase or decrease the size of the text on web pages by selecting “View” from the toolbar at the top of the web page, then clicking on “Text size” (Internet Explorer) or “Zoom” (FireFox).